We facilitate Sapo/Kambo treatments upon request.

 Sapo, or Kambo, is the mucous exuded by the Amazon tree frog Phyllo medusa bicolor which the frog uses for self defense against tree climbing snakes and other predators.

The Matses Indians and a few other tribes use Sapo as medicine: it is a full body detox; this medicine clears the plaque from blood vessels and arteries as well as removing plaque from the brain, dramatically reduces pain, increases vitality, energy, & stamina, improves the senses; eyesight & hearing, and tonifies the immune system. 

Sapo is applied by making a small burn on one's skin with a little ember, scratching off the blister and placing a small amount of the frog mucous on the exposed epidermis- the effect is almost instantaneous, with the patient experiencing a whole body flush.

Accelerated heartbeat, nausea, and abdominal cramping are commonly experienced in these sessions.

Some people do vomit or have a bowel movement.

The most intense period of time in a Sapo session is the first 10 minutes, after which everything calms down and there is a re-entering to a "normal" state; in which people report feeling great, with enhanced energy, and much improved sense of smell, hearing, and vision.