February, 2017

Maestro Chononita has been running ceremonies continuously since 1988. He will lead a select group of participants in an eleven day initiation in Amazonian Jungle Shamanism.  He will be assisted by Dr. Churi, his apprentice since 2009.


Day One:
The group will fly- on the airline of their own choosing –into Lima, Peru and be picked up at the Lima airport late that night and taken to a hotel near the ocean. (Historically, international flights to Lima always land around 10:30-11:30 pm)

Our hotel is clean, simple, and the location is fantastic. If people prefer fancy, there is a very fancy Marriot just next to our hotel & we are happy to book your room there. We will have a delicious late night dinner together after dropping our luggage at our hotel.

Day Two:
We will have breakfast at our hotel. We will then fly from Lima to Tarapoto, a jungle town nestled in the Eastern foothills of the Andes, called the "eyebrows of the jungle"  

  • You will be escorted to a lodge at the edge of the jungle to get settled in your room. 
  • Opportunities to speak about our intentions for ayahuasca ceremonies, and voice any questions you may have with  Maestro Chononita and Dr. Churi.
  • Space for rest, meditation, and preparation for our first Ayahuasca ceremony with Doctor Jorge Gonzalez Ramirez, a powerful and superb shaman with over 40 years experience.  Dr. Gonzalez and Chononita-together- were apprentices of the late Don Solon Tello Lozano of Iquitos.  Maestro Chononita and Maestro Jorge have worked together since 1988 and Doctora Churi has worked with the two of them since 2010.

Day Three:  

  • Optional Sapo/Kambo frog medicine treatments before breakfast.
  • Breakfast
  • Optional group debriefing about our experiences during the previous night's ayahuasca ceremony.
  • An adventure to a Tarapoto open air market for some local color, possible jungle excursion.
  • Lunch in town.
  • Siesta.
  • One on one talks with Chononita, Churi, Or Jorge are available.
  • Delicious dinner of local Jungle food.                    

Day Four:  

  • Breakfast
  • Jungle excursion with picnic lunch (Hot springs/waterfalls)
  • Delicious Amazonian jungle dinner

Day Five:  

  • Breakfast
  • Jungle walk
  • Lunch.
  • Siesta
  • Ceremony with Dr. Jorge Gonzalez

Day Six:  

  • Optional Sapo/Kambo frog medicine treatment
  • Breakfast
  • Jungle excursion with picnic lunch
  • Amazonian jungle dinner

Day Seven:

  • Breakfast
  • Local market explorations
  • Lunch
  • Siesta
  • POSSIBLE ceremony with Manuel & Issabelle Mauha-Shipibo Shamans

Day Eight:

  • Optional Sapo/Kambo frog medicine treatments
  • Breakfast
  • Jungle excursion with picnic lunch
  • Amazonian jungle dinner

Day Nine:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch.
  • One on one optional time to speak with the shamans for integration of one's experiences and possible dietary/lifestyle suggestions.
  • Siesta
  • Ceremony with Dr. Jorge Gonzalez

Day Ten:

  • Breakfast
  • Fly to Lima.
  • Check into hotel near the ocean, explore Lima, lots of eating and shopping and beach walking.

Day Eleven:

  • Breakfast at our hotel
  • Continue exploring Lima- Eating, beach walking, paragliding, shopping, etc.

Travel Logistics
On Day Eleven, Thursday February 23rd 2017 - we will take you all to the airport around 8:30 pm- international flights from Lima normally leave around one am. 

So while you will go to the airport on Thursday February  23rd 2017, your international flight will most likely depart after midnight, so you would be flying on Friday February 24th 2017. Please note the dates carefully, and communicate with us prior to booking your tickets.

If it is important to you to be picked up and dropped off at the Lima airport - please send us a copy of your itinerary as soon as you book. This way we will have 24hrs to make any changes (if necessary).

We (Chononita & Churi) will go on to Pucallpa for 4 nights and then return to Lima to catch a plane to the states- and if some of you wish to join us, we will arrange 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies deep in the jungle with Shipibo Shamans. However, we can Never guarantee ceremonies with the Shipibos- they show up when they wish to show up. In any case, if they do not show, up, we will run the ceremonies ourselves. Let us know if you want to join us on this portion of our trip and we will discuss details with you around that part of our adventure-and let you know the cost of that portion of the trip.

The Total cost of the trip is $3,500- that is for simple rooms. There are a couple of rooms with a spectacular view available at our Tarapoto lodge and for that, the cost is slightly more, we can talk about what kind or room best suits you when you contact us. If you wish to book the Marriot Hotel in Lima on your way in and out of Peru- that is significantly more. Space is limited on a first come, first serve basis.

To reserve your space, place a deposit of half now, and half upon arrival - in cash. If you need to pay by credit card, there is a transaction fee.


What is included:
* Lodges
* Domestic Peruvian flights.
* Transportation
* 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies with Dr. Jorge Gonzalez & possibly 1 ceremony with Manuel Mauha, Shipibo Shaman
* Counseling/Integration of ceremonies
*Sapo treatments-upon request

What is not included?
* Food
* Acupuncture/ Massage/ Adjustments; which are available on request.
* Clothes cleaning- available at hotel daily.

Ayahuasca Diet: (At least three days before and after ceremony)
* Fish, Chicken, Wild meats, Rice, Beans, Vegetables and fruits.
* No Pork.
* No alcohol and drugs.

There are endless opinions and misinterpretations about what is an appropriate and ideal diet for someone who intends to take ayahuasca. One misunderstanding comes from the word “dieta”.

“Dieta” and the verb “dietar”, amongst shamans and “purgeros”-(people who drink ayahuasca)- refer to the practice of ingesting a plant or a combination of plants to learn from them and to acquire their spirit. After ingesting that plant or plants one needs to go into seclusion generally for eight days, sometimes more, and eat a very restricted diet: For example, only a congee (rice soup) for the eight days-no salt. If it’s a longer “dieta”, rice and fish, or platains and some fish, perhaps some chicken, perhaps some egg….

But these sorts of “dietas” are only for those who aspire to become a shaman, Or shamans who want to learn more-acquire more power, learn new icaros (songs) from the plants... However-for those who simply want to drink ayahuasca- such an extreme protocol is not necessary.

What we suggest is: for a few days, before and after sitting ceremony: avoid pork, avoid red meat that is not Wild, alcohol & all drugs. Eat clean, cook at your home, avoid greasy fried foods, and always avoid white sugar and unnatural sugar substitutes. Rice, beans, cooked vegetables, fruits (preferably ripe & in season!) Chicken, fish and game are all good! Don’t stress.

* During our stay in Tarapoto we will talk what is happening in the Ayahuasca world, about other reliable shamans, about herbal medicines in general, about plant teachers.

There will be follow up workshops where those of you who are more acclimated will be able to go with us and participate in Ayahuasca ceremonies in Shipibo Indian villages with Shipibo Shamans -however that will require time to travel by river boats to more distant locations in the jungle.